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SDP Group LTD (SDP Group), UIC 205146630 is a company, which operates in the IT sector developing software products.

In the capacity of a personal data admin and in connection with the application of Regulations (EU) 2016/679 regarding individual safety in connection with the processing of personal data and regarding free movement of said data, as well as cancelation of Directive 95/46/EO (General Regulations on Data Protection), SDP Group undertakes the obligation regarding protection of users’ personal data confidentiality and inviolability, which personal data are being processed in connection with the development and use of the company software products.

This declaration has the aim to inform the persons subjected to the use of their data regarding the data, which are being processed by SDP Group, as well as the aims and basis for such processing, the explicit recipients of personal data, as well as the terms and conditions, under which said data can be represented; their rights in their capacity as persons subjected to the use of their data, and the ways, in which they can execute said rights.

I. Principles on personal data processing

- Lawfulness, conscientiousness, and transparency – processing if there’s legal basis for it, and under the appropriate care, as well as informing the person subjected to the use of their data

- Limitation on aims – collection of data for precise, explicitly defined and legitimate aims, as well as prohibition for further processing in a way, which is contradictory to said aims

- Data reduced to their minimumextent– data should be appropriate, connected with, and restricted to the necessary extent in connection with the aims of processing

- Precision – data should be kept up-to-date; sensible measurements should be taken to guarantee the timely deletion or correction of inaccurate data at the time of reporting of processing aims

- Storage restriction – data should be processed for the minimum period possible according aims. Storage for longer periods is acceptable for the aims of archive in public interest, for scientific or historical studies or statistical aims, if only appropriate technical and organizational measurements have been taken

- Unity and confidentiality – processing in a way, which guarantees appropriate security level of personal data and where appropriate technical and organizational measurements have been taken

- Accountancy–the admin is responsible, and should be able to prove the observation to all principles, which are connected to personal data processing

II. Classification of personal data, which are subject to processing

Considering the specific aims and reasons, SDP Group processes the data listed below separately or jointly as follows:

1) Data, submitted by you, which are required for identification and execution of contractual obligations of SDP Group and the software user:

· First name, surname, telephone and/or e-mail address to be contacted at, or a person appointed by you to be contacted with

2) Data, which have been prepared and generated by SDP Group during the process of submitting of the services/gLTDs:

· Location data – data, which are being processed for assessing the geographical location of the end device (via Google Analytics)

· Data for the end electronic communication device, device type, operating system used (via Google Analytics)

· Information regarding type and contents of the contractual relation, as well as any other information, which is connected with the contractual relationship, e-mail address, letters, information regarding your requests for elimination of an issue, complaints, requests etc., as well as any other type of feedback we receive from you

III. Aims and legal reasons for personal data processing:

1) Data processing, which is required when a software product is being used:

· Customer identification in case of: account registration for software products use, execution of requests for submittal of information regarding use; clarification regarding services used and subscription plans, addressing of complaints

· Assistance and reply to customer complaints/requests

· Technical assistance regarding creation of account/s and restoration of forgotten password to access our website

· Technical support and software issues elimination – through communication with the user regarding the use of the service

2) In execution of legal obligations of ours, we, at SDP Group, process your data for the following aims:

· To present information regarding the customer and the services and traffic data, which have been used by him/her upon request/inquiry/control by a corresponding authority

3) Upon registration at SDP Group software you need to submit your personal data to be able to use the offered services correctly and completely. Registration is carried on when you submit a name, a surname, a username, an e-mail address, and a password of your choice. When submitting your personal data, you agree said data to be processed by SDP Group for the aims of the use of the software product only, as well as for the services it offers. You have the right to withdraw your agreement at any given moment of time without any additional conditions, and the data will be deleted, if there’s no other basis for their processing.

IV. Classification of third parties, who might access and process your data:

· Entities offering services regarding support and removal of issues in connection with the service provided

· Entities offering services, for instance call centres for technical assistance

· Entities offering service in connection with organizing, storage, indexing, and elimination of paper and/or electronic archives

· Entities carrying out consulting services in various fields

· Competent authorities, which, according legal act, have the right to require  information from SDP Group including personal data; such authorities include Bulgarian courts, Prosecutor’s Office, Pre-Trial Proceedings Authorities, as well as foreign courts, various Supervising/Regulation Authorities - Committee for Consumer Protection, Commission for Regulation of Communications, Authorities  concerned with Public Safety Protection and Public Order

V. For how long will your data be stored?

The period for storage of your personal data depends on the processing aims, for which they have been collected:

Personal data processed in connection with the use of a software product will be stored for the period the services will be used, unless the user declares their will for them to be removed

Traffic data, processed in accordance with the Law on electronic communications for the aims of the public safety, as well as for prevention, disclosure, and investigation of serious criminal offence, as well as for tracking down and rescuing operations, shall be stored by SDP Group for the period of six months acc. Art. 251b of the Law on electronic communications

VI. Your rights in connection with personal data processing by SDP Group.

Being our customer, with regards to your personal data, you have the following legal rights:

- To be able to access your personal data and information, the type of which have been duly described herein. You have the right to request information from SDP Group whether and why we process your personal data through declaration in writing, which shall be submitted acc. Art. 29 of the Law on electronic communications

- To request your personal data to be corrected, in the event they are not correct, or should be completed, or when their processing doesn’t correspond to the requirements of the Law on electronic communications, as well as to require restrictions on how your person data will be processed as long as that is in conformity with the Law.

- To require that you be “forgotten”, once you have stopped using the services offered, and after the six month period for storage of data acc. Art. 251b of the Law on electronic communications has passed, excluding data, whose storage for a longer period  was obligatory required by a legal act

- Right to personal data portability undertheterms and conditions of GDPR

- Right to withhold from being object of decision, which has been based only on automated processing, including profiling, which would otherwise cause legal effects, or similar to said effects, for the subject of data, excluding data and aims, for which the subject has given their consent and under the settled principles for personal data processing

- Right to seek protection in administrative way via complaint to control authority, or through court proceedings in the event of breach of right

You can execute your rights via submittal of declaration in writing addressed to SDP Group, whereas you have to point out your request. Company address is as follows: Town of Tervel, Dobrich Municipality, 58 Geo Milev Street.

In case you need additional assistance, you can contact us using the contact forms shown, and we will be happy to assist you.

VII. Contacts



Unified Identification Number (UIC): 205146630

Correspondence address: Town of Tervel, Dobrich Municipality, 58 Geo Milev Street

Telephone: +359 (0)878 34 11 06

E-mail: [email protected]

Control Authority:

Commission for personal data protection

Address: City of Sofia, 2 Prof. TsvetanLazarov Boulevard, postcode 1592

Telephone: +359 (0)2 91 53 518

E-mail: [email protected]

VIII. Final provisions

SDP Group LTD reserves the right to periodically update this Declaration in order to provide with higher standard for protection of personal data confidentiality and inviolability.

All updates, which have been carried out, will be published on our website,, in a timely manner, in order to be freely accessible for anyone.

This Declaration regarding confidentiality of personal data represents an undivided part of the General terms and conditions of SDP Group LTD, and in case, you have accepted said terms and conditions, it shall mean you are well acquainted with this Declaration as well.